The Light of Deaf Women: Inspirational Stories

Created by Sofia Seitchik

The Light of Deaf Women: Inspirational Stories from Visionaries, Artists, Founders, and Entrepreneurs is a book aimed to motivate all kinds of people to go after their dreams, channel their own inner artist, take that leap to found an organization, or even to start their own business. Everyone needs to feel connected, that one story to find relatable and to be inspired to take that next big step; Global Deaf Women created this book to share 80+ stories of all sorts Deaf Women who are of all ethnic background, different nationalities, different types of profession and industries, and of diverse identities. The women are from all over the United States alongside with a photo captured by Deaf photographers.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update #7 for The Light of Deaf Women book project
over 2 years ago – Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 08:51:23 PM

Hello Kickstarter Backers! I posted a video on Facebook a few days ago and I'd like to share my video here for our backers on Kickstarter website! 

From the FB post: I finally can share the good news and update of The Light of Deaf Women book project. Enjoy the video with pictures of our travels! Stay tuned for next post/email with the survey form for you to fill out for the shipping. Namaste!

Lots of love, Sofia & GDW Team 

Transcript for the hearing fans/backers:

Hello, I am here to share the update of the book in making, The Light of Deaf Women. First, I would like to say, thank you all for your support, patience, understanding and believing in our project to inspire the world with our inner Light and success.

Speaking of the challenges, Team and I really worked hard on this book project; photoshoot sessions, editing the stories, going back and forth with our wonderful women who is in our book. We finished it! That part took longer than we expected! What took us longer? We faced unforeseen challenges while traveling, I learned a lot about myself through the process as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, travel planner, researcher, supporter, teacher (homeschooling my sons), juggling between roles and traveling the world, it is like a full-time job. I realized I had to take a break from work and focus on myself getting recuperated. 

Now, I am here to communicate with you all, what is the update of the book. We finally finished it! We sent a draft of pages and layout to the publishing company and they will send us a sample book within 5-7 business days to test and make sure everything looks good. Then, they will officially print 1,000 books. It takes about 3-4 weeks to produce/print hardcover books, meaning, you shall receive the book in the time before holidays. I am so excited and can't wait for you to receive the book in your hand and spread the light with the world. Thank you for your continuous support, and patience!

Stay tuned for the survey and next announcement! May Light be with you all.

Oy Vey! Oops! Update #5: The Light of Deaf Women
over 2 years ago – Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 09:41:24 PM


I wanted to inform you guys quick! I caught a little mistake I made in the email, I said "we went with the first choice of the book front cover design." I meant to say second choice! So sorry for the confusion! I must have mixed that up.

The actual front cover design is a white page with words "The Light of Deaf Women." The pictures of women will be inside that word - Women! There were some tweaks per feedbacks and you will see it when it is out!

Stay tuned for our news! Wishing you all a wonderful and Happy Labor Day weekend!

Regards, Irina

Update #5: The Light of Deaf Women: Inspirational Stories by Sofia Seitchik
over 2 years ago – Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 12:49:01 PM

Hello The Light of Deaf Women and Kickstarter Backers!! I trust summer has treated you well! Fall is approaching! Who is ready for the hoodies, foliage, pumpkin carvings and more?

Here’s the number #5 update. We are working on few details on the book, The Light of Deaf Women, to finish up the loose ends. Those loose ends include the designs of front and back cover, ensuring the correct information of *mailing addresses, orders of books, stories, logistics for publishing company and much more. *Please keep your eyes for the email next week.

Thank you, voters for voting a design for the front cover of book. We received a great response and feedbacks. We went with the first choice of front cover for great reasons; classic, easy to read, clean look, of course to keep readers curious to open the book and see who is in the stories. We greatly appreciated your inputs!

Once loose ends are tied/finalized, set and ready to publish a book in the making, we will be in contact with you when we are ready to mail your book!

This project wouldn’t have happened if it was not from your amazing support, our team, interviews with incredible ladies in the book, fans, families and every person who believed in the vision of raising the awareness and spreading the world with light! Thank you from all of our hearts!!

We wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday of Labor’s weekend.

The Light of Deaf Women Author & Project Coordinator, Sofia Seitchik & Irina M. Normatov

The Light of Deaf Women Book Project Update #4
almost 3 years ago – Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 04:17:19 PM

Bonjour everyone!

It's incredible beautiful here in Bordeaux, Southwest of France! I trust the summer is treating you well!  

Here you go, the update #4 with video of The Light of Deaf Women Book Project!

We face some delays that require more time with the layout designs and the process of hard cover books.  We care for the highest quality of work which will extend time a bit to the end of summer or early September.

Good news, through the kickstarter campaign, we have sold 500 books and there are more demands which we plan to add more book orders. We are working on website to have a book shop where they can order a book or bulk orders.

Stay tuned for our update #5 for the book release and shipments.

Note: For Non-Signers, I will post video transcript at Global Deaf Women FaceBook Page shortly.

To Your Shining Inner Light,

Sofia Seitchik 

Update #3 and Vote For The Cover Book Design
almost 3 years ago – Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 07:42:29 AM

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